Friday, June 29, 2007

Hackweek is over

Hackweek was an event where my employer, the SUSE Linux Products GmbH in N├╝rnberg, or to be precise: our mother company, Novell, allowed all of its Linux engineers to work one week on stuff that we like.
Not on the stuff that our boss (or marketing, or the sales people or whoever) likes.
This was a pretty neat idea. They topped it off by taking care of everything: we had a nice brunch every morning, during the days we were served various refreshments and the evenings were rounded off with a nice meal, too. Sometimes it was hard to get to hacking, besides all that food ;-)

I mostly finished off one of my pet projects from the last months, porting the neutrino GUI to the dreambox, which is now committed to the project's cvs and, save some minor cleanups, should be pretty much ready to use.

Some links:
  • My project page (not much to see there)

  • The tuxbox project

  • The tuxbox project webforum (mostly german)
  • A blog. Finally.

    And that from me, who always said he hates that web 2.0 stuff and thinks that nobody is going to read all that crap. Oh well.

    So at this place you will be reading my various rants, most of them probably around Open Source Software, Linux and some tech gadgets, so generally highly uninteresting and mostly boring stuff.

    Enjoy your stay.