Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"smart" suspend in pm-utils

I finally implementd the "smart" suspend in our pm-utils package. This means that hopefully more machines will just suspend to RAM "out of the box" without any tweaking of configuration etc. It also leverages the quirks list in HAL which is a bit bigger than the one in s2ram (but IMVHO also of lower quality...) in case the machine is unknown to s2ram.

Give it a try in the next beta, or, if you can't wait any longer, fetch it from home:seife:Factory (the Build Service is pretty busy lately, so the packages are not built for Factory yet, just use the 11.0 version, it should work in 11.1 too).

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

First we take Manhattan,

Then he took Berlin.

This weekend, I went to Berlin with my wife to experience one of the best concerts I have seen ever. Originally, we just wanted to go there, "because it will probably be the last tour of Leonard" and we did not want to regret missing the opportunity. We did not expect it to be a great musical experience.

We could not have been more wrong.

It was simply great. Despite the location (the new, controversial "O2 World" arena in Berlin) being rather ill suited for such events - it might be good for basketball or ice hockey, but definitely not for concerts - it was really a thrilling experience.
The sound was really marvelous, and I was surprised that the Golden Voice was still as fascinating as when I last heard it live 15 years ago at the "Rock am See"-festival in Constance. Supported by an excellent band and background singers, it was not only an event for old fans, but really a musical masterpiece.

More reports can be found over at the Leonard Cohen Forum.

Everybody who lives near one of the places where the Tour still takes place: don't miss the opportunity to go, you might regret it later.