Monday, December 08, 2014

more pam_systemd madness...

After fixing the "unlucky" pam_systemd config on my 13.2 server, everything ran fine. Until yesterday, when annoying "starting user slice" log messages started to appear again in my system logs.
I quickly found out, that the recent update of the systemd package had reenabled pam_systemd in the pam config.
Now I'm fighting with the systemd package maintainer about if reenabling this on every package update is a good idea in openSUSE bug 908798. I certainly think it's not.

pam_systemd might have its merits on a desktop system, but I'd really like to know what it should be good for on a server? The manpage has shown me no feature that would be helpful there.

Let's see how many "RESOLVED INVALID" / "REOPENED" cycles this bug has to go through...