Friday, July 20, 2007

News site, that does not want to be read?

So they made quite some fuss about this "cool new news site". When i finally looked at it, it was too bad for words.
I hate sites, where i have to hit CTRL-+ (for "make font bigger") in Konqueror twice just to be able to read the main text, not to mention the fine print. Or, as a colleague put it nicely: "what i wonder, is if the people who design e.g. or never use that same browser tab to go visit ..." (Hi, Seth!)


  1. I did not know, that this blog is a part of the openSUSE feedback system! But thank you for the information! We take a look on this.

    I designed the new openSUSE-look and I'm really open for feedback. That means: If you have problems, ideas, wishes, just let me know!

    Have fun!

  2. Frank Sundermeyer23 July, 2007 13:12

    Whether a font size is readable or not depends on browser, operating system, screen resolution, monitor qualitiy, fonts, and last, but not least, personal taste and visual faculty.
    Therefore all modern browsers offer the possibility to configure fonts and font sizes--you can, for example specify a minimum font-size. This (and other configuration options) empowers you to customize your browser according to your hardware/software requirements and you personal needs.

    With a freshly created account on a 10.1 (so all Browsers have the [SUSE] default configuration) has exactly the same font size as Google and is perfectly readable on 10280x1024.

    So go fix your browser settings and think twice about publicly bashing your colleagues next time.

  3. I wish i had that screen.
    OK. That was a cheap one.
    Generally increasing the "medium font size" in Konqueror of course "solved" this problem, but it leads to problems on other sites (and yes, Google has a bigger font for me in Konqueror. It does not in Firefox).
    I still think a solution like on (provide a reasonalbe default, but let the users select for themselves) is nice.