Friday, March 07, 2008

Cross-Distro Packaging With Build Service Rocks!

During last hackweek a few days ago, i finished one of my pet projects: to fix up and package tuxcursors. That's fine for SUSE users out there, since i guess the package will be included in the next release, however it does not help the users of other distributions directly.
So i made my first try on building packages for Fedora and Mandriva (apart from my umtsmon packages, but those worked more by accident...) and i have to say that it is pretty easy and straightforward.
So if you want cute penguins waving at you as mouse cursors, go ahead and install the tuxcursors package for your distribution from my Build Service Home, easily found via (search for "tuxcursors", of course).
And if you think about packaging your project for more than one distribution, the openSUSE Build Service is definitely worth a look.


  1. Oh... These cursors look really nice! How can I use them? Do I have to simply install the rpm, or what? Reply via email is appreciated...

  2. After installing the RPM, you need to instruct your desktop to use those cursors. On KDE, it's kcontrol -> Peripherals -> Mouse -> Cursor Theme. There you select "tuxcursors", apply, log out and back in and that's it.
    Something similar should be possible in GNOME, but i do not run that.

  3. Nah... This will not work, I neither use Gnome nor KDE (much too slow for my taste), I use fluxbox.

  4. ah... I found out, that for other WMs you have to edit /etc/sysconfig/windowmanager