Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Triple Dragon continued

This week is entirely dedicated to getting the Triple Dragon started with some usable software - and it is going along quite well.
I feared that I would have to dig down into DirectFB to solve my original framebuffer problems (on the first try I was unable to set the transparency - the setting, which is done with a private ioctl(), was always ignored), since the original software uses DirectFB, but in the end this is fortunately not the case.
The solution was simple: I need to issue the transparency-ioctl() after setting the framebuffer parameters, not before.
Right now, enigma is pretty usable, the "normal" TV viewing stuff is already working. I'm now refining the build system, so that I can tell people what they need to do to build the software, then I'll look at the init scripts etc, so that they can even boot it.
Next thing will be fixing the not yet working stuff - some hardware-dependent like the SCART switching stuff, some software like the media-player and record / timeshift features, but then I'll hopefully have some more people working on the project ;-)


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  2. Hi,

    Is there anything that I can do to help you with this promising enigma image?
    Testing and so on? Let me know.
    I've tried the first enigma image that was available, but the timeshifting and recording features didn't worked that wel.

    Best regards

  3. I have posted the patch and the build scripts to the board, so you can get it from there and try it.
    There will be no image from me, if you cannot handle building the code from the source and testing by booting from NFS or harddisk, then i guess you cannot help much anyway.
    I am not interested in bugreports - i know very well what is not working - i am interested in patches or at least good problem analysis that really helps fixing the stuff.

  4. Hi I have been looking for TD os like Enigma and an Image that will run CCcam, as I'am not to happy with the kernel or it's Images currently.hope you suceed as this would be great.

  5. There is any news regarding the development of enigma image?


  6. nemrod: No, but you are welcome to send patches. I did not receive any until now, and I am not really interested in enigma.