Sunday, October 11, 2009


Holy cow.
After seeing how those boycottnovell *peep*s interpreted my last post, I'm pretty sure that they are also fans of those "the moon landing was staged in hollywood" conspiracy theories...

Boys, if you want to get your facts right:
It's pretty normal for someone to get a new job after almost 9 years. Especially if the old job was 400km away from home and family and the new one is 9km away.
Of course I had already written that, but obviosly you are not good at reading.


  1. Just ignore Roy. He's just spinning everything around like there's no tomorrow. It's not even worth getting mad at it, and it's even less worth spending time talking to them. But you captured the essence pretty well with the title of your post :-)

  2. Probably ;) But it will be interesting if they at least have the balls to accept my trackback ping. I doubt it...

  3. One never knows what response one will get any more on any post. Sorry to say this but I have quit posting to openSUSE mailing lists because of being ridiculed if I make a mistake or post to the wrong list. Errors do occur when one is doing to many things at the same time but I guess since I am not one of the elite they can say what they want, no more as I unsubscribed from all openSUSE threads whatsoever. I decided to stay with the friendly group at where at least if I make a error they are polite enough to point me in the right direction and not call me a moron. This has really turned me against openSUSE which I have supported since version 8 and above. Not everyone is a professional openSUSE user and I highly lost respect from the idiots who belittle anyone who makes a mistake in posting. It really shown me a lack of professionalism in the moderators or people using the openSUSE mailing list currently.

    And if anyone flames me for writing this I do not really care because that is the usual way to go any more with openSUSE replies.

    I always liked following both Seife's and Bleser writings but 2 people do not make up the core of all the others who treat ones with total disrespect.