Monday, September 10, 2012

Coolstream neo broken power supply

Now who would have guessed the guys that are good at trademark trolling (they withdrew their trademark application after other users of the name "Neutrino" complained, too, now they are trying to get new variations of the neutrino brand) are apparently not very good when it comes to hardware engineering?
The power supply of my coolstream neo box died of blown out capacitors after only 18 months -- which tells you about the hardware quality IMHO. I own a lot of electronics but have never seen this happening after such a short time.

My advice to the coolstream guys: spend a little less effort on trademark trolling and violating the GPL, instead spend a little more effort on quality assurance. I cannot say that I'd recommend this hardware to anyone.

I could probably just replace the capacitors, but that box has been just annoying lately and I have enough other well-working boxes so I'll probably just leave it dead so I don't need to get upset whenever I try to use it for something serious.

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