Sunday, February 03, 2019

Raspberry Pi: "Bluetooth: hci0 link tx timeout"

I'm right now playing around with an old Raspberry Pi, to use it as a bluetooth speaker / DLNA renderer for audio. I spent almost a whole day trying to get bluetooth a2dp audio sink to work, but it almost always failed already at the pairing / connection stage. A similar thing had worked fine last week on a Raspi 3, but I want to try it with the old version as eventually the "Appliance" will be built with a Raspi Zero W, which is more like the first model. In the kernel log buffer I found the following:
Bluetooth: hci0 link tx timeout
Bluetooth: hci0 killing stalled connection xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
This happened with different USB bluetooth dongles. Googling the problem found mostly unrelated articles, or advice that was obviously plain wrong.

Long story short: moving the dongle to a powered USB hub solved the issue.

(Just for the record: the raspi is powered by a good power supply...)

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