Thursday, March 26, 2020

Windows 10 update error 0x800f0922

First: sorry for the OT ;-)

A Thinkpad of mine that has Windows 10 co-installed was refusing all cumulative Windows updates since about 6 months, always performing everything, rebooting, counting up to 99%, then failing with error 0x800f0922 and rolling back.
Now this Windows instance is not really used and thus not booted on a regular base, but I'd still rather keep it up to date in case I somewhen really need it for something.

So I searched the internet for error 0x800f0922... and tried almost everything that was mentioned as a possible fix:

  • resetting windows update
  • uninstalling various pieces of software
  • in general, random changing of different settings ;-)
Nothing helped. Until I found a short comment under some blog post hidden in the vast voids of the internet, that mentioned that the problem could be solved by not booting via grub but instead directly activating the windows boot partition.

Could it be that easy? Yes. Rebooted into Linux, deactivated /dev/sda3 and activated /dev/sda1 with fdisk, rebooted and Windows is now updating happily ever after...

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