Thursday, June 11, 2009

Caroline Keating

She describes herself as

I’m just a girl who likes to tinker on her piano at 2 am and make up stories…

And that's what she did (not at 2 am, though) yesterday in Nürnberg's Musikzentrale in a really great concert.

I'll keep it short, it is hard to put into words anyway, but that really was a touching experience. Maybe even more than last year's Leonard Cohen concert in Berlin.

...maybe it is no coincidence that both are from Montreal?

Now only Christian needs to get the Photos posted on his site...which he finally did. Thanks!

BTW: if you wan to see more great concert photo's, Christian Deckelmann's website is a must. (You'd never guess that he is a (really cool btw) network administrator in real life ;-) )

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