Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Back from Linuxtag 2009

I finally managed to upload my slides to the openSUSE Wiki's Linuxtag 2009 page (I actually had nothing to do with openSUSE this year, but somebody had already listed me on that page and it's actually pretty handy to host the slides there). I also uploaded it to the Linuxtag site, but after experiencing really abysmal organisation this year, I doubt that it will appear anywhere there.

The talk was not that exciting in my point of view - "Netbooks" are, in the end, a pretty boring topic to talk about - but the attending crowd seemed to like it, so apparently it was at least entertaining ;)

The event itself was better than what I had expected from the organisation flaws, I did talk to some embedded people and made many interesting contacts, e.g. with beagleboard guys, peple from the openembedded project and of course the cool hackers from coreboot.

So after a disappointing start, Linuxtag 2009 finally ended pretty successfully for me.

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