Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nifty dnsmasq Trick: Reverse Lookup using a specific Server

With dnsmasq, it's easy to look up a whole domain using a special dns server. The option is

This will look up everything "*.foo.corp" using nameserver So far, so good. But today I also needed the reverse lookup for a specific IP adress zone to be done via a specific nameserver. Reading the manpage, I found no option for that, but then I remembered stuff that I had learnt in a distant past: that reverse lookups are actually a name lookup of the in-addr.arpa zone, with the "reversed" IP address. So I tried

and that one works fine, looking up everything 10.x.x.x using

And it still was much easier than using ugly bind. That's why I prefer dnsmasq in daily use over bind, dhcpd and all the other crap. It just works ;)

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