Saturday, October 23, 2010

plasmoid-networkmanagement - How to connect?

After Will's talk about new KDE Features for 11.4 on the openSUSE Conference, I thought I'd finally give the networkmanagement plasmoid a try and installed it.
While it looks neat and apparently would show additional information about my connection (compared to knetworkmanager), I was unable to find a button or other UI element that would allow me to connect to a 3G Network.

Has anyone managed to use this for connecting? How?

I was just lucky that I had nm-applet installed, otherwise I would not even have had a way to get online at all... :-)


  1. If modemmanager recognizes your modem, then it should show-up by itself in the list of interfaces. Also in Manage Connections there's a tab for modems, but inactive if modemmanager doesn't recognize it

  2. Yes, there is the device and I can view it etc. But there is no "connect" button - or at least I did not find / recognize it. The device works well with nm-applet or knetworkmanager, it's simply an UI issue.

  3. I guess you are using KDE 4.4 or KDE 4.5 but you require KDE 4.6 since solid only supports modemmanager in that version (as of today unreleased) and I guess a newer version of the plasmoid.

  4. openSUSE 11.4 will use KDE 4.6 (coming out in January), which is where the 3G connection support will first appear. I think it has been mostly implemented, but there may still be some bugs and features that need to be implemented.

  5. Ok. Will had mentioned that knetworkmanager and the plasmoid are basically only two different UIs but they share the same functionality. I assumed that this was already the case, but of course he was talking about 4.6.
    knetworkmanager supports 3G pretty well, even if nm-applet still is vastly superiour (displaying the connection type etc).

    Thanks for all the comments, I'll start testing once 4.6 hits FACTORY.