Thursday, October 10, 2013

Raspberry Pi: Another platform for Neutrino-MP

Last night I got video decoding via libilcore working on Raspberry Pi, so now the port of Neutrino-MP is starting to look like it will get usable some time in the future.

Most stuff is encapsulated inside libstb-hal, which means that only a small change in Neutrino-MP (just adding the proper LDFLAGS) was necessary. Later, with proper implementation / packaging of libstb-hal, this might also be unnecessary.

For those who dare to try it, I'd suggest to start with current raspbian, then use the Makefile for native building (after tweaking it to your needs) to build it directly on the Raspi -- this is how I did it :-) ). The stuff is not yet ready for cross compilation (too many hard-coded /opt/vc/lib etc).
You'll first need to build libdvbsi++ -- there's a target in the Makefile for that -- and install all missing devel packages -- hopefully, configure will compain. Otherwise the missing includes will be obvious, I guess.

The next step will be implementation of the audio decoder, which should be not too hard, then the thing will be truly useful :-) .

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  1. WTF Neutrino? The Ohloh page says Neutrino is well-known, but it is lying ;-) Anyway, it is a DVB Set-Top-Box GUI.