Thursday, September 25, 2014

Building Yocto/Poky on openSUSE Factory

Since a few weeks, openSUSE Factory no longer is labeled as "openSUSE Project 13.2", but as:
seife@susi:~> lsb_release -ir
Distributor ID: openSUSE project
Release: 20140918
When trying to build the current Yocto poky release, you get the following Warning:
WARNING: Host distribution "openSUSE-project-20140918" has not been validated with this version of the build system; you may possibly experience unexpected failures. It is recommended that you use a tested distribution.
Now I know these warnings and have ignored those before. The list of tested distributions is hard coded in the build system configuration and in general it would be a bad idea to add not yet released versions (as 13.2) or rolling releases. And since the Factory release number changes every few days, it is clearly impossible to keep this up to date: once you have tested everything, the version has increased already. But apart from this, purely cosmetic warning, there is a really annoying consequence of the version change: the configuration cache of bitbake (the build tool used by Yocto poky/OpenEmbedded) is rebuilt on every change of the host distribution release. Updating the cache takes about 2 minutes on my machine, so doing a simple configuration check on your already built Yocto distribution once a week can get quite annoying. I looked for a solution and went for the "quick hack" route:
  • bitbake parses "lsb_release -ir"
  • I  replace "lsb_release" with a script that emits filtered output and is before the original lsb_release in $PATH
This is what I have put into ~/bin/lsb_release (the variable check is a bit of paranoia to let this only have an effect in a bitbake environment):

if [ -z "$BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE" -o "x$1" != "x-ir" ]; then
        exec lsb-release $@
printf "Distributor ID:\topenSUSE project\nRelease:\t2014\n"

Then "chmod 755 ~/bin/lsb_release" and now the warning is
WARNING: Host distribution "openSUSE-project-2014" has not been validated...
And more important: it stays the same after updating Factory to the next release. Mission accomplished.

UPDATE: Koen Kooi noted that "Yocto" is only the umbrella project and what I'm fixing here is actually the "poky" build system that's part of the project, so I edited this post for clarity. Thanks for the hint!

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