Monday, November 10, 2014

Home server updated to 13.2

Over the weekend, I updated my server at home from 13.1 to openSUSE 13.2.
The update was quite smooth, only a few bugs in apparently seldom used software that I needed to work around:
  • dnsmasq does not log to syslog anymore -- this is bug 904537 now
  • wwoffle did not want to start because the service file is broken, this can be fixed by adding "-d" to ExecStart and correcting the path of ExecReload to /usr/bin instead of /usr/sbin (no bugreport for that, the ExecStart is already fixed in the devel project and I submitrequested the ExecReload fix. Obviously nobody besides me is running wwwoffle, so I did not bother to bugreport)
  • The apache config needed a change from "Order allow,deny", "Allow from all" to "Require all granted", which I could find looking for changes in the default config files. Without that, I got lots of 403 "Permission denied" which are now fixed.
  • mysql (actually mariadb) needed a "touch /var/lib/mysql/.force_upgrade" before it wanted to start, but that's probably no news for people actually knowing anything about mysql (I don't, as you might have guessed already)
  • My old friend bug 899653 made it into 13.2 which means that logging from journal to syslog-ng is broken ("systemd-journal[23526]: Forwarding to syslog missed 2 messages."). Maybe it is finally time to start looking into rsyslog or plain old syslogd...
Because syslog-ng is broken for me, I needed to make the journal persistent and because journald sucks if its data is stored on rotating rust (aka HDDs), I added a separate mount point for /var/log/journal which is backed by bcache like other filesystems on that machine.

Everything seems to be running fine so far, apart from the fact that the system load was at a solid 4.0 all the time. Looking into this I found that each bcache-backed mount point had an associated kernel thread continuously in state "D". Even though this is rather cosmetic, I "fixed" it by upgrading to the latest kernel 3.17.2 from the Kernel:Stable OBS project (who wants old kernels anyway? ;)

Everything else looks good, stuff running fine:
  • owncloud
  • gallery2
  • vdr
  • NFS server
  • openvpn
Of course I have not tried everything (I eed to actually start up one of those KVM guests...), but the update has been rather painless until now.

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