Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Ethernet on the BananaPi M2 Zero

Even though it does not look like it does, the BPI-M2 Zero also has a wired ethernet interface. Unfortunately, it is disabled by default in its device tree blob.

But enabling it is easy:

# copy into /root
cp /boot/dtb/sun8i-h2-plus-bananapi-m2-zero.dtb .
# decompile
dtc -I dtb sun8i-h2-plus-bananapi-m2-zero.dtb \
    -O dts -o sun8i-h2-plus-bananapi-m2-zero.dts
# edit
vi sun8i-h2-plus-bananapi-m2-zero.dts # :-)
# compile
dtc -i dts sun8i-h2-plus-bananapi-m2-zero.dts \
    -O dtb -o /boot/custom.dtb
How do you need to edit the DTB file?

In the "ethernet@1c30000" block, you need to apply this "diff":

-       status = "disabled";
+       status = "okay";
+       phy-handle = <0x4d>;
+       phy-mode = "mii";
        phandle = <0x4b>;

The "phy-handle" value is taken from the "phandle" of the "ethernet-phy@1" block a few lines down. Then another change is adding an alias for ethernet0 to the "aliases" block:

       aliases { 

              serial0 = "/soc/serial@1c28000";
              serial1 = "/soc/serial@1c28400";
+             ethernet0 = "/soc/ethernet@1c30000";

Ethernet will work without that, but we'll need this for setting the MAC address later.

Now reboot and try it out in a temporary way. Either by:

  • interrupting u-boot and doing setenv fdtfile custom.dtb (no "saveenv" yet!), then "boot"
  • editing the GRUB menu, adding an additional line after "initrd..." that reads devicetree /boot/custom.dtb
Check if the ethernet device eth0 appears after boot. If it does, the u-boot method can be persisted by issuing a saveenv command after the setenv.

Persisting the MAC address:
At my first tries I noticed that the MAC address was randomly assigned on every boot, in later experiments I could not reproduce this anymore but it looked like the MAC was at least reassigned on every deployment. I have no idea if this has to do with saving the environment in u-boot or if there is something in the userspace (a systemd service maybe?) that makes the MAC address semi-persistent. I decided to fix the MAC address once and for all, since I'm running a static DHCP setup, this is pretty important for my use case.

Because of the "ethernet0" alias in the device tree, persisting the MAC address is easy. All you need to do is setenv ethaddr 22:33:44:55:66:77 in u-boot and then persist this with saveenv and you are done. Note that u-boot has some precautions to disallow changing the MAC address later by accident so you are not able to easily undo this later. You can always remove "/boot/efi/uboot.env" in your booted system or by inserting the SD card into another machine and start from scratch.

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