Monday, April 12, 2010

Claws-Mail trick of the day: plugins

Today I found another useful trick for claws-mail users. I switched from an old i586 machine to a brand new x86-64 thinkpad. I copied my $HOME over. Then I wondered, where all my claws-mail plugins had gone.

Starting it from the command line showed (wrapped for your reading pleasure):
** (claws-mail:9938): WARNING **: plugin loading error:
cannot open shared object file:
No such file or directory

Uhm, yes. This is an 64bit system, so the plugins are installed in /usr/lib64/claws-mail/...
Two possible solutions to the problem came into my mind.

  • creating a softlink from /usr/lib64/claws-mail to /usr/lib/claws-mail

  • changing the configuration

The second method was actually easier, and is probably more future-proof (If I reinstall the machine, I might forget to create that link...)

I checked the config file in ~/.claws-mail/clawsrc and found a section

I simply duplicated the plugins and substituted /usr/lib with /usr/lib64. As a result, I now get the "plugin loading error"-lines on both machines, because the i586 can only find the plugins in /usr/lib and the x86-64 only those in /usr/lib64, but since claws-mail does not really care and just works, I also just ignore them.

It will be interesting what happens once I use the GUI to add another plugin, but I will care for that when it happens :)

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