Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Followup: Accounts in Claws-Mail

Just to let everyone know that it was me being blind and not Claws-Mail lacking the function to rearrange the Folder list. As Paul pointed out in his comment on my post, there is "File -> Change Folder Order", pretty much on top of all other options. So no need to pull out your favourite editor and mess around with XML files ;)

(Sometimes I'm wondering why I am not finding easy stuff like that anymore. My wife or children would probably have found it immediately. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, because I'm not expecting it to be there? Maybe I'm just spoiled by 10 Years of using console tools for almost everything? I know that I tried to drag and drop the accounts, even though I do not really like drag-n-drop for such configuration changes, because it could happen accidentally. Or, in other words, the "Change Folder Order" menu entry is pretty well matching my personal taste of how such things should be implemented, but I did not find it anyway. Am I the usability designers nightmare after all? Who knows ;) )

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