Monday, April 12, 2010

Rearranging Accounts in Claws-Mail

I recently added a new account to my Claws-Mail configuration. That account will soon become one of my main accounts, so I was not happy about it being shown on the bottom of the folder list, below all my less important accounts.
Using the GUI, I could not find a way to move it around. I already thought about manually changing the configuration, editing all the references for all accounts.
Fortunately, when looking around the ~/.claws-mail directory that contains everything, I found folderlist.xml which is an easy to understand (and edit) XML file that describes how the folders are displayed. I did no fancy stuff, just moved the <folder type="imap"...> ... </folder> block, that corresponds to the new account up to the first place and voilá -- it works.
BTW: Claws-Mail is still my favourite email client after using it for over a year - that clearly is a new record ;)


  1. What you were looking for is /File/Change Folder Order

  2. Yes, definitely. And I am obviously blind :). Thanks for the hint, and thanks for this really awesome piece of software. I appreciate it every day.

  3. [...] to let everyone know that it was me being blind and not Claws-Mail lacking the function to rearrange the Folder list. As Paul pointed out in his [...]